Seeking High Performance Office Space


Photo © Office Now/Flickr Creative Commons

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is on a mission – mobilize the Northwest to become increasingly energy efficient for a sustainable future.  It’s a big job, and we’re ramping up to meet the challenge.

To that end, we are searching for new office space that will enable our work, embody our values and spread the word of high performance to others who lease office space.  NEEA is growing in terms of the size of our staff and the scope of our responsibilities, and our new home will be critical to our success.  To us, high-performance is defined across many levels – financially responsible, productive and healthy for our staff, and of course – energy efficient.

We don’t expect to get everything on our wish list, but we do hope to encourage the real estate market – tenants, building owners, property managers, appraisers, architects, etc. – to have deeper discussions about what it really means to occupy a high-performance, “green” or sustainable building.

Join us on our search, and follow our progress here as we find our new home.  Whether you are a tenant, leasing agent, building owner, or just curious, we hope you’ll share your thoughts, and use your experience to foster your own discussions on high-performance office spaces in the Portland market.

Find out what we are asking for by checking out the How We’re Requesting Green Office Space page.

Have an idea for our search?  Send inquiries to Jack Davis (NEEA) or Mike Holzgang (Colliers International).


One response to “Seeking High Performance Office Space

  1. Very cool stuff and good information. Curious as why the commercial brokerage community is not included in this dialogue. Our firm, as are others, is very involved in a varitey of LEED projects and has good data on how well these developments are currently being received by the marketplace.

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